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What We Provide

Awesome Software. Every Time

Embedded Software

Dot Dash Code has years of experience in coding embedded software for some of the world’s most quality-focused industries. From low-level machine code, to aggressively-optimised applications, we’ve got you covered.

Linux Kernel

Whether you need new device drivers for your custom hardware, or fundamental changes to the Linux task scheduler, Dot Dash Code is here to help. We have years of experience hacking the Linux Kernel. It’s one of our passions.

Web Systems

Dot Dash Code develop custom web systems (APIs, front and back end), using languages and technologies, like Python, PHP and AngularJS, MVC frameworks like Symfony, and databases like MySQL and Redis.

Windows Applications

Dot Dash Code has extensive experience writing desktop applications for Microsoft Windows, using development tools and frameworks like .NET and Visual C++

Our Approach

Structural Elegance and Automated Testing
Outsourcing is frustrating. And we feel your pain.

Outsourcing typically involves long lead times, long-distance communication barriers, significant hand-holding and significant cost. And after all that, you end up with software of questionable quality, implemented to pass an incomplete series of manual high-level tests, without concern for structural elegance, future maintainability or low-level robustness. We say "enough"!

Working with Dot Dash Code, you will have face-to-face access to the Technical Lead on your project. The Technical Lead will be personally responsible for all stages of the project, from familiarisation with your existing systems and software, through to requirements analysis, prototype delivery and feedback, then through to final delivery. Our team of crack developers will hit the ground running, and will provide software that matches (and even improves upon) your existing architecture.

Our software receives 100% automated testing at both the unit level, and the system level. And we provide the automated tests for integration into your regression testing systems. At Dot Dash Code we favour an iterative development approach; a form of Agile Software Development. Using this approach, we provide working prototypes throughout the life of the project. Our clients provide feedback based on the prototypes, allowing us to work towards our #1 goal: 100% customer satisfaction.

  • A Single point of contact

    One team leader, who is personally responsible for the on-time delivery of your project.

  • 100% Client Satisfaction

    Our aim is to develop software faster, cheaper, and to a higher standard than our clients are capable of doing in-house. We want you coming back time after time.

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